HRFT Academy

Following the massive purge in Turkey’s academia during the State of Emergency, HRFT initiated a special program to support academics who had been dismissed from public universities for having endorsed the by now internationally well-known Peace Petition

Established in 2017, HRFT Academy conducts scientific research on human rights related issues,  while at the same time carrying out a wide range of training and advocacy activities. 

Check out our recent publications and events below!

Human Rights Agenda in the Post-pandemic Era

Ebook - Symposium Proceedings.
November 2021.

Confronting the Global Human Rights Crisis

Ebook - Symposium Proceedings.
November 2020.

The University Under Siege

HRFT contribution to Free to Think 2020, global academic freedom report published by Scholars At Risk.
November 2020.

Academic Purge in Turkey

Executive summary of the research report on dismissed academics, based on extensive fieldwork.
November 2019.

Academics for Peace: A Brief History

Documentary report on the Peace Petition affair.
March 2019.

Newsletter # 4

Academic Activism under Extreme Conditions.
April 2019.

Newsletter # 3

Judicial Proceedings against Turkey’s Academics for Peace.
December 2018.

Newsletter # 2

Turkey’s Academy under the State of Emergency.
July 2018.

Newsletter # 1

Ongoing Threats to Turkey’s Academics for Peace.
March 2019.